Mind Body Healer


Dr. Meenal has been practicing classical homeopathy from 1994. She graduated from Smt. Chandaben Mohanbhai Patel Homeopathic Medical College, Mumbai. She did her MD in Materia Medica from Y.M.T. Homeopathic College, Mumbai; and her Post Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling, (P.G.D.P.C.).

She has been blessed to have respected classical homeopaths like Dr.Rajan Sankaran, Dr.Sunil Anand, Dr Faruq Master, Dr. Vijaykar as her teachers. She has worked as an assistant to Dr. Anand for two years. She is a faculty member of Teacher’s Training Group (a division of Dr. Sankaran’s homeopathic Research and Charities) associated with training of homeopaths in sensation method.

She has a vast experience in dealing with various physical and emotional problems of all age groups. She has been involved in the study of newly found homeopathic medicines, a process called 'proving of medicines'.

She has been doing lot of research on treatment of various diseases, especially originating from stress and emotional problems through homeopathy.

Her research project for her MD about “Study of bad effects of faulty parenting on children and its homeopathic management” was much appreciated.

She was instrumental in developing a 'specialized Pediatric O.P.D.' in N.M.R.M. Homeopathic Hospital which is attached to D.S. homeopathic College, Pune. This unit aimed at complete development of children at physical, emotional and intellectual level. She worked as an honorary consultant and the chief coordinator of this O.P.D. for five years.

Dr. Meenal is frequently invited to various seminars and colleges to present her work in homeopathy. She regularly writes in various leading news papers like “Sakal” about various health related issues and homeopathy. She has participated in live talk shows on Zee T.V., Zee 24 hours and Saam T.V. about Homeopathic treatments of various diseases

Dr. Meenal has done Post Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling (P.G.D.P.C.). She has received guidance from eminent counselors like Dr. Anand Nadkarni, Smt Anjali Pendse. She has received training in Rational Emotive therapy. She has also worked with renowned Physicians like Dr. Khubchandani, Dr. Kowli. Dr. Anand Nadkarni and Anjali Pendse were her mentors in her study of psychology.

Her study of mind, body language, communication between people, the dynamics of relationships has made her a very skilled psychologist. Her ability to empathize with the client, putting them at ease, giving them unconditional positive regard, instills tremendous faith and reassurance in her patients. She is a skilled counselor and has helped many in their personal or family problems. She offers counselling for couples, parents as well as families.

Dr. Meenal has done a lot of research and studied numerous cases for the effect of parental behavior on children and she has in depth knowledge about various aspects of parenting. Her research for M.D. was on homoeopathic treatment of various behavioral problems resulting from faulty parenting.

Dr. Meenal visits many schools for parental guidance. She takes lectures and intensive training workshops in schools, organizations and industrial set ups like "Tata Motors" etc on various aspects like stress management, personality development, parenting, Adolescent development, child development, sex education etc.

One Such workshop was recorded live and made into a set of four C.D’.s called ‘Niramay Palktwa' meaning, ‘Healthy parenting.’ ( Read more about the CD’s in parenting and child care section )

She regularly writes in leading local news papers like ‘SAKAL- Family doctor’ and Maharashtra times on various health related issues. Her columns- ‘Sangopan’ (Nurturing the young ones) and ‘Niramay Palaktwa” (healthy parenting) were very popular. She has featured in live question answer shows on radio and ZEE T.V. many times.

Counseling is an art which Dr Meenal has really mastered through her vast experience. Her unconditional support, her ability to empathize with the client really puts the patients to ease, making them feel confident that they can heal themselves with guidance and support of a skilled counselor.

She not only guides parents but also individuals with personality issues, marital problems and other emotional problems.

Dr. Meenal has been actively involved in teaching students, interns and practitioners. She has a passion for teaching and has a unique quality of putting the subject in an easily comprehensible manner without losing its quality, which has made her a very popular teacher among the students as well as doctors.

Her lectures for homeopathic students are mainly aimed at teaching Materia Medica and concepts of Organon and Repertory. She makes Materia Medica alive and interesting by grouping the remedies into kingdoms, connecting them with their sources, comparing them with practical examples and explaining their utility with the help of her clinical cases.

For interns, it is interesting to know, the actual process of case taking, artistically going deeper into the mental state of the patient from the physical complaint; learn to be truly unprejudiced, and come to a similimum. While for the practitioners, it is an intellectual feast, learning about the new advances in the science of Homeopathy through video cases and understanding the newly proved remedies like Bird-remedies, or lesser known minerals, rare plants or animal remedies.

Dr. Meenal has been presenting her work in various homeopathic colleges, in seminars, workshops for Indian and foreign students. She is frequently invited for case presentations and teaching sessions in various Homeopathic colleges. She was a teacher of Materia Medica, Gynecological Therapeutics and Physiology in D.S. Homeopathic Medical College, Pune, India.

She regularly arranges short courses for students, interns and practitioners. Students and practitioners interested in being a part of her ongoing courses may contact her.