Homeopathy is a system of medicine which gives more importance to the patient as a person, than the disease he is having.

Before treating any disease, we need to understand patient, His physical make up, likes and dislikes in food, habits, past history and family history of diseases; we also need to know his emotional and intellectual make up. What is his lifestyle, how he handles stress, what is his nature like, his hobbies, his fears, dreams, ambitions. In short we need to study a patient’s personality in depth.

So first we discuss with the patient all aspects of his life, his health and his disease. Then we choose an appropriate plan of treatment for him, with homeopathic medicines, and if necessary supplement it with Bach flower and biochemic medicines.

If patient needs counselling we plan periodic sessions with him. In case of small children, we obtain the necessary information from parents and interact with the children to know their nature, in play way method. How a child interacts, what type of games he/she plays, the child’s drawings are all important to us to choose the right medicine.

The duration of the treatment depends on the individual case. But it is always advisable to follow the treatment plan according to the doctor’s advice.

Homoeopathic Medicines do not contain any steroids but because they are prepared in lactose (a kind of sugar) as a medium & the common used test for checking for steroids is lactose sensitive, it comes positive if you give Homoeopathic Medicines for testing (Also alcohol)

The other methods through which Homoeopathic Medicines can be tested in a correct manner (with out giving false positive results) will be Liberman Buchard Test, Thick layer chromatography & UV absorption method.

The duration of the treatment depends on patient’s health problem. For chronic problems of long duration, longer treatment is needed. Problems, recently developed, do not need very long treatment.

Homoeopathic Medicines, even if taken for long time do not create any dependency or habit formation. Since  Homoeopathic Medicines help the body to fight the disease, in fact, body is more equipped to handle health problem on its own.

Homeopathic Medicines contains no chemicals that can directly cause any tranquilisation or any other adverse effect on body. It does not change original nature of person or it does not affect the intellect. Homeopathic Medicines bring more stability of emotions & improves memory, concentration & other intellectual functions.

Many times when patient is suffering from a disease for very long time, he takes various medications for it. But instead of getting better sometimes the disease is just suppressed. It stays in the body without exhibiting much symptoms as long as some medication is on. When we ask the patient to stop other medications, many times the true symptoms, which were hidden, come on surface & then start getting cured. So there is no need to be afraid. Not every patient has this kind of aggravation & if we expect it, we give idea to the patient before hand & make sure that this kind of so called aggravation is not trouble some.

Generally we ask the patient to avoid very strong smelling food items like garlic, mint, camphor, snuff etc. But if the patient has to have it then at least 30 min. before & after medication he should avoid having them.

If the patient has noticed that he is affected by certain type of food adversely e.g. an asthma patient may have problems from eating cold things or from cold drinks, it is advisable to avoid these substances in the initial phase of treatment. Once the treatment starts showing good results you can ask the doctor about trying these food items which previously caused problems.

As you know that the concept of disease in Homeopathy is different. It considers disease as disturbed energy, which expresses itself through mind and body symptoms. That’s why a homeopath needs to study patient’s personality as a whole. He needs to understand all aspects of patients life, his nature, hobbies, likes, dislikes, fears, dreams, everything so that he will understand the energy disturbances and he will be able to find the right medicine for the patient from thousands of homeopathic medicines.

Sometimes even seemingly irrelevant details about patient’s life can provide very important piece of information to the doctor. Hence it is absolutely necessary that the patient gives the doctor every bit of information the doctor asks for.

Of course!! Homeopathic drugs are very fast acting. We always treat fevers, acute infections, asthmatic attacks with homeopathy & it can show very good results in few hours and sometimes in few minutes!