Appointment Forms

You can download the form from the following links, take a print out and get it filled on your appointment date.

Download Adult Form – English

Download Adult Form- Marathi

Download Child Form -English

Download Child Form- Marathi

Know how to get an appointment –

For a New Patient

The first session-

The first session is a detail history taking session, which is mandatory for all patients seeking any of the above treatments / therapies.

In this session, we have a details discussion about the current issues to be addressed, as well as all the details about the background of the patient, like personality traits, illness, stress and lifestyle etc.

The client needs to get all reports, medical file and relevant papers for this interview.

First session often may take an hour or more time. So please don’t keep any other important engagements following this interview which may cause anxiety and distraction in you, as this first consultation is a very important process in the treatment.

Case forms ( links above to download forms )

We also have a form for new patients, which the client needs to download from the website, fill it in great details and take a print out. It is very important to get this form duly filled at the time of first appointment.

The forms are available in English and Marathi. Chose a language that is most comfortable to you to express yourself freely.

School children (upto 10th std ) will need child form which can be filled by child / parent which ever is suitable/ preferable

 Relevant papers –

Please bring your pathology reports/ X-ray / MRI / prescriptions etc. and all the relevant papers for the appointments.

For School children – please get report card (in case of academic/behavioral problems), test reports (for health problems). If the child has a drawing book or some drawing made by him, please get them along, We can study them and also the child can spend time in drawing as we talk.

Booking a date-

You need to call clinic and chose a tentative date and time convenient to you. You will need to make advance payment within a day to confirm this date.

Clinic number – 8983 222 424   Time to call – 5pm to 8 pm


The consultation charge for the first session is Rs 3800/. This is a ONE TIME charge only for the first session. Once you pay the consultation IN ADVANCE, within a day of booking your tentative date, your appointment is confirmed.

In case you fail to pay within a day, we consider the appointment has been cancelled and will be passed on to the other patient on the waiting list.

You can make online payment or Pay in cash at any of our clinics  in advance. We send bank details on whats app once you book a tentative date.

After you pay online, please send us the screenshot of the payment. We need the date, time, amount of the payment as well as the transaction reference number to confirm your online payment. ( especially when payments are done through app like phonepay, paytm … or for IMPS)

All the payments are NON REFUNDABLE. You can reschedule the appointment at least 3 to 4 days in advance. But last minute cancellations ( previous day also ) will be charged in full.

The charges for the medicines are approximately  Rs 1800 to 2200 for ONE MONTH medicines which will be dispensed at our clinic. For follow up sessions there is no separate consultation charge.

Clients seeking for counselling appointments have to pay Rs 2000 from second session onward for one counselling session( duration -45 minutes ).  The payment has to be made in advance to book the appointment.

For hypnotherapy, the charges range from Rs 6000 to Rs 8000 per session, depending on therapies.

For chakra diagnosis, the charges are Rs 2000 per session.

Clients residing outside India, will need to pay charges that are applicable to them.

  1. You need to take the appointment for follow up also so that we can give you enough time. Appointments can be taken over the phone. Please mention Patient’s name and case paper number. Also mention if you need a counseling appointment, as special time is reserved for the counseling and counseling sessions are charged separately.
  2. After you start the treatment, please understand, that you will not find all the changes that you expect immediately . You need to observe many smaller changes like your sleep, dreams, freshness, moods, appetite etc. before more important changes happen. So kindly observe keenly and report the changes. It is very important that we understand these changes carefully as we rely on your feedback to decide the medicines and the line of treatment every time you come for a follow up.
  3. If you find hard to come to the clinic because of distance or your busy schedule, we can send you the medicines via courier. In that case, you will have to give a detailed feedback on phone about your condition, and send us the money for the medicine required and courier charges. You can send us money through money order, cheque or direct bank transfer.
  4. Dr. Sohani is available at Kothrud clinic and at Prana center, Wakdewadi ( on Wednesdays and Fridays ) and you can follow up at any clinic according to your convenience.
  5. For the treatment to be effective it is essential that you are regular in your follow up visits and avoid discontinuing the treatment on your own or frequent breaks in the treatment. Feel free to talk to us if you are not seeing the desired results as the treatment entirely is planned according to your feedback.
  6. We don’t insist on any food restriction like coffee, garlic, onion etc. but you should avoid things that you have observed, are harmful to your health. You should not eat or drink anything, not even water for 10 minutes after the medicines. Don’t swallow the medicines with water, let them dissolve in your mouth.

How to write your feedback if you want to email us –

If you generally assess yourself on the following criteria and write to us in the follow up, it will help a great deal to select the course of treatment better

  1. How are your present complaints? – The complaint you visited us for- do you see any improvement in that? Write in details about their duration, intensity.
  2. Are there any other present problems? Write in details about their duration, intensity. Any particular reason why it started, anything that makes it better or worse ( except medicines, e.g. cold is better when you take hot steam, or cough is worse when lying in the bed etc. )
  3. Is there any major change in your life style or is there a stress factor? Areyou upset or stressed about anything, however minor? Tell us about it even if you think it is not serious or it is not causing any trouble, sometimes it has some significance for us in deciding the right medicine, though it may sound unimportant to you.
  4. Are there any dreams recently that you can remember? – Again even if they are insignificant to you, describe them to me and tell me if there were any feelings associated?
  5. How is your sleep?
  6. Is there any change in your appetite, your food preferences, your thirst? How about normal bowel movements(stools and urination- is there a problem?)

Patients staying outside Pune can download the form from the website, print it and get it filled on the appointment date. We have special arrangements for these outstation clients. They can deposit the money in bank, or send us cheque or D.D along with detail feedback and we send them medicines through courier.

Out of India patients can fill the form from the website and email it to us, we can discuss the problems online over Skype and start the treatment.

We take utmost care to give best services to ALL our patients.