Dr. Meenal takes intensive training workshops for parents in various schools, organizations, and industrial set ups like Tata Motors etc.

One Such workshop was recorded live and made into a set of four CD's called 'Niramay Palakatwa' meaning, 'Healthy parenting'. This video CD set is in Marathi language.

Chakra CD Chakra CD

  1. Chakra Meditations
  2. Affirmations
  3. Chakra Chants

Tapping CD Tapping

  1. Tapping on affirmations about life
  2. Tapping on affirmations about you
  3. Tapping on body
  4. Tapping on pain
  5. Relaxation

Parenting CD Parental Guidance

A set of 4 CD’s for parents having children below 10yrs.

CD – 1 :

  • Emotional Needs of children
  • Self image of a child and confidence
  • Personality development

CD – 2:

  • Conditioning of daily habits
  • How to develop and improve study habits
  • Stubbornness
  • Emotional control

CD – 3:

  • Disciplining in day to day life.
  • Punishment- should we use it and how?
  • Why children have a tendency for lying , stealing etc?

CD – 4:

  • Questions from participating parents answered by Dr. Sohani

Parenting DVD Parental Guidance

A set of 3 DVD’s for parents of teenagers.

DVD – 1 :

  • Understanding adolescence and associated problems
  • Self image, emotional and psychological needs
  • Need for independence and self esteem
  • Emotional development

DVD – 2:

  • Understanding the developing sexuality
  • Peer acceptance, reasons and symptoms of stress
  • Disciplining and impulse control

DVD – 3:

  • American or Indian parenting?
  • Need for effective communication
  • Question answer session



These C.D.s are highly appreciated by parents and various schools. Some schools even advocate these CD's to their parents. You can go through the testimonials and check out opinions of those who have used them !!!

Browse Through Some of the Clips from the CD's:

Consistency in parenting is very essential

Why do children start fearing studies?

Why should strict punishments be avoided?

Positive feedback moulds the behavior.